Grow in Challenging Times by swiftly hiring Quality Talent

Grow in Challenging Times by swiftly hiring Quality Talent

Responding to changing market conditions means having the right staff members in your team to take strategic decisions, execute them with available talent and create value. We value relationships. We are technology savvy. We get things done when it comes to all models of Staffing Solutions.

For over 26 years Panacea Facilities excel in the field of compliance-driven Staffing, Hiring, Permanent Staffing services, Temporary & Flexi staffing, Recruitment Process outsourcing, Setting up Corporate Guest Houses and Corporate Guest House Management services.

Panacea Services focuses on non-technical staffing for Administrative, Maintenance, Housekeeping, and Security business functions.

How we can Help you?

Highly experienced by placing 1000s of contract staffs to organizations over 26 years, Panacea Services follow a proven approach in delivering contract staffing services.

Contract Staffing

With our bench-strength, wide talent pool and ability to source talent for various non-technical positions, we can assist you with hiring temporary staff on contract staff. They are our employees, payroll, benefits and compliances are taken care by us. They will focus on your growth.

Permanent Staffing

Need to hire talent for accommodating growth in a short time? Take support from Panacea Services. We offer Permanent staffing solutions for your long-term quality talent needs. We can take over the entire staffing lifecycle to find, attract, hire and on-board non-technical resources.

Flexi Staffing

The world is trusting in the gig economy. Organizations invest millions in hiring quality talent and serving clients. However, markets are volatile. To meet fluctuating staffing needs, Flexi Staffing Services is gaining popularity. Panacea takes care of compliance and concerns associated.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Panacea Services has established itself as a reputed and trusted RPO partner for large Multinational and Indian corporate clients in attracting the best available talent and handle the End to End process management of recruitment lifecycle across the organisation.

How we Work?

We cater to the complete recruitment life cycle so that we could find best talent available in the market who can deliver maximum value to our clients’ business.


Our Staffing & Recruiting Consultants understand your talent needs in detail


We start finding best candidates who match your short-term or long-term needs


We conduct comprehensive skill assessments in person, or via video calls as per the need


We share list of shortlisted candidates, with relevant information with our clients for hiring decision


We complete hiring by discussing with both our clients and candidates so that the decision is mutual


We help running background checks, documentation and on-board talent systematically on time

What Clients Say About Us

Panacea Services thrives only on word of mouth recommendation based referral businesses for many years. This happens because, we are committed, consistent, collaborate, communicate and completely address strategic business functions “Integrated Facility Management Services”, “Contract Staffing services” and “Guest House Management Services”.

Let’s get Started

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