Permanent Staffing Services

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Attracting, hiring and retaining permanent employees is one of the most strategic functions within any organization. Doing it right ensures businesses move forward with the way they envisioned goals.

Panacea Services’ provide permanent staffing solutions and give you access to fully screened and qualified non-technical candidates in any industry of your choice. Our dedicated hiring specialists and recruitment consultants will help you fulfilling the staffing requirements with a fast turnaround time.

Permanent Staffing Services

Panacea Services is a reputed name with over 26 years of expertise in staffing, hiring and recruitment process outsourcing field. Our permanent staffing services team is headquartered in Bangalore and serves PAN India through our offices in Chennai and Hyderabad.

Hiring permanent staffs is no longer just matching qualification and experience with the job description. Getting them at right time, right cost and right quality are vital in the process. We have proprietary databases for sourcing potential recruits through our segment-specific candidate research in an ongoing basis.

Our Approach to Permanent Staffing Services

Highly experienced by placing 1000s of permanent staffs to organizations over 26 years, Panacea Services follow a proven approach to delivering permanent staffing services and Contract Staffing Services also.

Submission of Job Description

Start sending us your job descriptions of non-technical resource requirements you need to onboard. We can ideate fastest ways of delivering quality talent in the shortest time.

Understanding of Job Profiles

Once your business submits the job descriptions, we understand the requirement on your behalf by figuring out culture, attitude and other specific descriptions of ideal staff.

Sourcing of Candidates

With our strategic internal & external candidate sourcing techniques, we identify and collate list of profiles suitable for your job positions. This list is vetted, shared with your business for review and next steps.

Screening of Candidates

Based on your hiring standards and our best practices, we start assisting your team in screening candidates for fitment and potential through interviews & assessments.

Job Offer Finalization

Once you approve the final list of candidates who cleared rounds of screening, a contract job offer is placed. We ensure ideal candidates are followed-up for acknowledgement & confirmation.

Background Checks & Onboarding

While finalizing candidates’ selection formalities, we help in running background checks for criminal records, drug usage etc. and assist in onboarding on-time and on-budget as envisioned.

Why Panacea for Contract Staffing Services?

Panacea Services is one of the Top contract staffing companies in Bangalore with offices in Chennai and Hyderabad serving corporates for decades.

Multi-industry contract staffing expertise

Impeccable Payroll compliance

Multiple background checks for safety

Complete Peace of Mind for Clients

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Hiring specialists

100% Confidentiality and Integrity