Integrated Facility Management Services

Integrated Facility Management Services in Bangalore

Panacea Facilities offers a comprehensive range of smart, innovative and integrated facilities management services that are cost effective and sustainable for our clients’ facilities and workplaces.

Panace Facilities Integrated Facility Management services include Technical, Housekeeping, Security, Garden Maintenance and other services across Commercial, buildings and Residential communities.

Our integrated facility management services focus on customers’ evolving facility management needs care and maintenance of large residential societies which result in an environment that you can trust to remain pristine and timeless.

Facility Management Services

facility management services in bangalore

Soft Services

facility management services in bangalore

Technical Services

Security Services

integrated facility management services

Pest Control Services

facility management services in bangalore

Business Support Services

facility management services in bangalore

Energy Management Audit

integrated facility management services

Waste Management

facility management services in bangalore

Environment Health Safety

Why Integrated FMS?

As an Integrated Facility Management Company we provide end-to-end services that traverse geographic and demographic boundaries and bring together a centralized, quality efficient and cost effective approach to the management of residential and commercial spaces.

Focusing on what matters the Most

For any large facility and residential properties the facility management priorities continue to overlap with each other. However trained and proven Facilities managers will prioritize upon having an understanding of the seasonality, patterns and priorities.

Caring the Community beyond Costs

Experience matters the most. Today be it corporates or residential communities, experience is key. That is an important factor that multiplies productivity and harmony. With Integrated Facility Management, there are no Hassles. Just delightful experiences.

Enables you to focus on Core Business

By deciding to outsource Integrated Facility Management Services your business may delegate more of your company resources to what really matters. Experienced facility management ensures better adherence to regulatory standards as well.

Smart Technologies offer Insights

Integrated Facility Management Solutions streamlines workflows across the complicated FM cycles and provides valuable insights on how effectively and efficiently the facility is being managed. With Insights, decision making is made easier in facility management.

Our Approach to FMS

Highly experienced by placing 1000s of contract staffs to organizations over 26 years, Panacea Services follow a proven approach in delivering contract staffing services.

Get a Site Inspection

Our Facility Manager visits your facility, inspects the premises and understands your facility management need. A detailed report is prepared and presented to validate your facility management priorities.

Dedicated Account Manager

Once the engagement begins your facility gets onboarded as our client and you will be assigned a dedicated facility manager along with our facility management helpdesk credentials. Everything your property ever needs.

Facility Management Begins

Based on the priorities agreed, our Facility Managers and their teams will be deployed on your facility. They will start delivering integrated facility management services that are pre-emptive, cost saving and sustainable.

Why Panacea for Facility Management Services?

Panacea Facilities is one of the Leading Integrated Facility Management companies in Bangalore with offices in Chennai and Hyderabad serving corporates and large residential communities for two decades.

Comprehensive Facility Management Service Expertise

Contract Staffing for Cost Saving & Regional Staff Expertise

We perform multiple background checks for ensuring client safety

Timely and Impeccable Payroll compliance for Staffs

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Hiring specialists

100% Transparency, Integrity and Documentation