Guesthouse Maintenance

Guest House Management Services

guest house maintenance

Your Guesthouses present a great first impression of your business to your guests. It’s quite simple and easy when you take support in maintaining Corporate Guest Houses with a professional guest house management company like Panacea Services.

We ensure your guests have a pleasant and comfortable stay in the guest houses and give positive feedback. The operations of running guest houses are as complex as running large hotels as it involves multiple disciplines coming together to deliver that value to clients.

With over 26 Years of experience in Corporate guest house management in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad, Panacea Services can assist you in setting up guest houses, helping you operate it and maintain in a systematic manner.

How we can help?

Panacea Services has proven expertise in proper maintenance of Corporate Guest Houses for over 26 Years. We take over complete maintenance of guest houses from hiring contract staff services, care-taking, housekeeping and pantry services so that your guests could have a comfortable stay.

guest house maintenance

Complete management of Corporate Guest Houses

guest house maintenance

Preparation and serving healthy meals

guest house maintenance

Ensuring hygienic and safety of the Guest House

guest house maintenance

Serving Guests with the right attitude

guest house maintenance

Collecting feedback from Guests

guest house maintenance

Maintaining proper documentation

guest house maintenance

Offering Laundry Service & other Utility Services

guest house maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance of Guest House for hygiene

Guest House Management Services

Facility Management

Inside and outside, we take care of your guest house Facility Management for extending life and reducing maintenance costs.

House Keeping

Provide clean, comfortable and healthy accommodation to guests with our friendly housekeeping services.


Our Chefs and Cooks provide clean pantry services with right service attitude. Meals and foods are extremely hygienic, flavourful and good nutritive value.

Support Staff

From security to maintenance your guest house will need timely support from trained staff to get the operations smoothly running without disruptions.

Carpet & Sofa Cleaning

Internal and external amenities of guest houses need to be maintained in a clean, caring and hygienic manner with equipment.

Pest Control Services

Pests are quite natural to dwell in places where gardens, foods and lots of amenities are maintained. We take organic & industrial pest Control methods.

Deep Cleaning Services

As per the contract, once in a while we will do deep cleaning to ensure harm causing gems, insects and pests and dusts are controlled for safety.

Laundry & Utility

Our staff will provide laundry and utility assistance services to guests in an on-demand manner and bill the client for the expenses.

Why Panacea for Guest House Management?

Panacea Services is well reputed in guest house management services for some of the Best Brands in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Our staff members are well-trained, well-groomed, and importantly well-mannered to ensure that your guests have a comfortable stay. Due to our Pristine management, maintenance and housekeeping activities, our customers stay with us for many years for providing best hospitality and return on investment.