Corporate Guest House Management & Maintenance Checklist

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Establishing a corporate or company guest house has multifold benefits for any business. It improves employee morale and enhances branding perception for external guests. Only with professional experience, guest houses can prove to be an advantage than a setback. Businesses have two models of setting up guest houses for employees and guests. One is of course building guest facilities internally and the other choice is to rent / lease 3rd party guest house facilities. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Based on the model your business chooses, you may have different operating models. However, the concept of planning and running guest houses are just the same.

Corporate Guest House Management & Maintenance Checklist

Dedicated Company Guest Houses

Having an own guest house facility has its advantages. Just that it takes lot of capex investment and time to build facilities. But once built, maintenance of company owned guest houses is much simpler and cost-efficient. When guests stay at company owned guest houses, the perception is entirely different than staying at 3rd party guest houses.

Outsourced Corporate Guest Houses

3rd party owned guest house facilities can swiftly be made available for any business to convert into guest houses. They save a lot of time and can be quickly personalized to our taste. There may be some restrictions to what extent personalization is possible when compared to company owned guest houses. Rented / Lease Guest Houses can be on-boarded easily anywhere when expanding.

Corporate Guest House Management Checklist for Success

Once you decide on the model of Guest House your business has narrowed upon, it is best to follow this Guest House Management & Maintenance Checklist for success.

  • The “Service Mindset”– This is the single most important ingredient to setup and run a corporate guest house, as it is not the core business of any organization. Regardless of the industry, your team for company guest house management should instil a Service Mindset. This will design your approach to the guest house management as it is a great strategic value-add rather than a profitable business unit. Providing a satisfactory staying experience for external and employee guests is a lot to newly introduce in a business.
  • An Entity by Itself – TheCorporate Guest Houses are entities by themselves as in not in terms of financial accounting, but they will be required to treat as ones. It needs to maintain income, expenses, purchases, inventory, maintenance schedule, operations, hiring and measure feedback on guest experience as well. as There are many new things to take care from hiring new set of talent, training the manpower, coming up with a governance plan, maintenance schedule, running 24/7 operations, ensuring guest comfort etc. Especially with all the above, it has a clear dependency on the main business.
  • F&B Skill Sets Catering quality and healthy food in a consistent manner is one of the important factors in running a company Guest House. This calls for demanding new talent like Chef, cook, waiters and organizers. Take help from Contract Staffing Services as it gives access to hiring regional talent of multiple skillsets almost instantly. Establishing a menu for 7 days a week accommodating tastes and likes of guests and employees is not an easy task. In a multi-cultured country like India, it is even more difficult to arrive at a standard guest house F&B menu. Given the priority is all about ensuring guest house maintenance, flexible food choices have to be accommodated on-demand. Preparing for such diverse food needs lot of prior planning, provisions and F&B manpower availability.
  • Take advantage of Technology– Information Technology can help simplifying Corporate Guest house bookings and the overall guest house management and maintenance. Once the guest houses are ready, bookings will happen on-the-go as people travelling for business often don’t get to play way in advance. You may delight the guests by setting up email based bookings, online confirmation, welcome emails along with providing any useful information about their stay. Also in the Company Guest House Management Operations, information Technology driven automation helps in security, monitoring, inventory management, displaying useful information and capturing guest feedback etc.
  • Be open to Feedback – When it comes toCorporate Guest Houses, delays and defects are unacceptable, service delivery needs to be flawless. The culture of being 100% open to receive critical feedback need to be established. After all people are unique. So as their needs and wants. Corporate guest houses are a strategic move. But counting on it to reap full benefits is based on continuously improving the standards and service excellence. Negative feedback and complaints are expected in any guest house establishment. How we respond to that and pre-emptively rectify is way we travel towards running a successful corporate guest house.
  • Think out-of-the-box – Set the standard for each and every staff member you employ and each standard operating procedure (SOP). Investing in time to show staff the standard you expect will help setting up the tone. Make training a key aspect of your guest house. If possible, bring external hospitality experts and give them fresh perspectives in maintaining guest houses across housekeeping, gardening, catering, etc. Finding, and keeping, good staff in this guest house management industry is tricky. Hence plan ways to keep them engaged, trained and appreciated so that they will deliver true benefits of corporate guest house management.

Panacea Services has proven expertise in proper maintenance of Corporate Guest Houses for over 26 Years. We take over complete maintenance of guest houses from hiring contract staffs, care-taking, F&B team, housekeeping and pantry services so that your guests could have a comfortable stay. Panacea Services provides guest house management services for some of the leading Technology MNCs and Manufacturing Companies in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.