Why Outsourcing Recruitment is a strategic decision in 2021?

Rise of Flexi Staffing in India & Why you should implement it too?
Rise of Flexi Staffing in India & Why you should implement it too?
August 11, 2021

Recruitment is one of the strategic business functions within any organization. It helps build the foundation – on boarding talent who build the organization now and to next levels of growth. For many years, recruitment had been completely an internal job function. Dedicated resources were there to spend weeks and months just to hire talent. While that used to work well, evolution of outsourcing offered strategic advantages to recruitment too. Many businesses immediately turned to outsourced recruitment services from professional staffing solution companies.

7 - Why Outsourcing Recruitment is a strategic decision in 2021


“59% of companies save money by outsourcing their recruitment function”


Reasons for Outsourcing recruitment

As like any other business function, outsourcing offers similar benefits in the recruitment function too along with a little more niche benefits.

  1. Reduce cost of resource acquisition in terms of time, process delays, labour & overhead costs
  2. In-house employees were freed-up time which they use to focus on company’s core competencies
  3. By sharing the accountability to one or multiple professional services providers, the time taken to fulfil diverse skillsets has drastically reduced
  4. In-house Employee morale was increased by outsourcing repetitive tasks
  5. Freed up resources and time were invested in other profit oriented activities
  6. By outsourcing recruitment, regional talent needed for company expansion is fulfilled

Get straight to the task

The operational aspects involved in recruitment process these days have evolved and it has perhaps been complicated a lot.

Unexpected Staff Turnover

This is not something new to businesses. All businesses have experienced employee churn during unexpected situations. To cope up with the churn, it is not wise to rely only on the in-house recruitment team. Professional recruitment process outsourcing companies can swiftly fulfil diverse skillsets with innovative hiring strategies on a mass level and help balance the workforce demand.

Adoption of Information Technology

Recruiters and talent acquisition teams stay updated with latest and rapidly changing technological advancements in the recruitment domain. They adopt innovative means with help of technologies to attract quality talent within the target geography or across the globe. During COVID Pandemic virtual recruitment drives, contests, job boards, social media platforms, robust applicant tracking system (ATS) et.al played a significant role in maintaining required staff strength for many employers.

Outsourced Recruitment in the post-COVID Era

During this pandemic, businesses try to cope up with real-world fluctuations in job market. You can scale up or scale down staffing needs based on the surge or slowdown. If you land a big client or there is a market slowdown Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service providers can help save costs, ensure continuity help attain operating scalability and agility.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

So, let’s exchange ideas on how your organization is using Recruitment process outsourcing to its best interest. If you ever need any support related to RPO, contract staffing services or even permanent hiring support services, do not hesitate to connect with Panacea Services.