Rise of Flexi Staffing in India & Why you should implement it too?

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April 9, 2021
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August 21, 2021

Contract staffing has been gaining popularity in recent years. Pandemic triggered the process and now Flexi staffing is having growth like never. According to the recent economic study conducted by Business Standard, India recorded a steep improvement in Flexi staffing and the gig economy. The period of lockdown had a high demand for contract staffing all over the country. Maintaining full-time employees amid the pandemic was a struggling phase for many.  As a solution for this burning issue, the employers turned towards contract staffing and hired freelancers to cut down their expenses. A new work culture evolved from this flexible work timing and style. With a shift from the traditional working style, a new employer-employee relation was formed which brought huge benefits for both the employees and employers.  

Companies, especially from e-commerce sectors like, Flipkart, Amazon, Swiggy, Zomato, Ola, Urban Company, and other startups were the main business organizations that hired contract staff for a short period, according to their time and need. Employees had the freedom to choose the working time, which was more focused on customer satisfaction. Even the government reformed the labour law, to include the contract staffing to it, who were earlier excluded from the list. New social security codes were introduced for the benefit of this unorganized section of workers. With the increasing demand for flex staffing in the market, it is important to know what the benefits are. 

Rise of Flexi Staffing in India & Why you should implement it too?

Hire the right talent

Hiring the wrong talents will bring financial loss to the company.  In addition to this loss, the time and effort you put into the whole hiring process will also go in vain. With Flexi staffing, you can directly evaluate the candidate’s skills and they will straightaway take you to the right talents. Moreover, since the contract is created for a short time, you do not have to worry about the huge financial loss with the wrong people.  Multi staffing helps in avoiding bad hires and improving your productivity. 

Free up your full-time employees

Companies benefit from mixing up the pool of talents. When you hire temporary staff for your firm, the full-time workers will have the liberty to shift their focus to more complex projects, improving the overall performance of the organization. Full-time employees can even take a break from work and relax a bit.     

Cover Emergencies and Temporary Needs

Flexi staffing is the best way to cover sudden emergencies and seasonal needs. Businesses like restaurants and retail stores face seasonal hype in business, especially during festival months. In cities like Chennai, Deepavali time comes with extended business hours and less staff. In such situations, you can go for contract staffing to cover the temporary needs. Another instance where you can rely on Flexi-staffing is when an employee suddenly resigns or leaves work on short notice. Sudden leaving creates a challenge in operating the business properly. This emergency can be rectified by hiring contract workers for whom you do not need to spend much. They can fill the vacancy immediately and will help in running the office smoothly. 

You can find specialists quickly

Sometimes, organizations may come up with new projects, which require people with knowledge in a specific area, whom you may not have. Flexi-staffing is a method to find and gather subject specialists easily. The contract staffing agencies will have a database of people from every field and you can find the people you need from it. 

Improve your competitive position 

Contract staffing provides more control over the employees and gives a clear advantage over your competitors. Your competitors may follow the rigid form of staffing and are subjected to the economic variations in the market. As they are sticking with traditional methods, it is impossible for them to find talents fast and take up sudden projects. This will improve your competitive position in the market.

New talent pool 

Maintaining a good relationship with a contract staffing agency can give you access to a new talent pool. They have the window opened towards a whole set of talented people ready to work. The talent pool includes people from every wake of life who prefer a flexible lifestyle. The flexible working hours of a company and the flexible lifestyle of these people is a win-win situation for both. You can buy work whenever you need it without any liability or commitment. 

Save Money

The demand for workers is not constant throughout the year. Industries like hospitality and retail will experience huge variations in demand according to seasons. Therefore, companies with full-time employees face severe losses at the time of low business. They will also come across the scenarios of understaffing in times of demand. Working with Flexi staffing is recommended here. This can save the businesses from loss and give the liberty to hire new short term workers in need.  Flexi Staffing can reduce operational costs to a huge extent.  

By using Flexi-staffing, you can get yourself out of the burdens of recruiting, tracking attendance, and managing the payroll for your staff. Many companies have already shifted to contract staffing and are seeking the service of contracting staffing agencies. Panacea services is a well-reputed contract staffing service provider based in Bangalore. Panacea’s service is also available in the cities of Chennai and Hyderabad. They come with a talent pool of exceptional people in both the technical and non-technical sectors. Contact Panacea and do the contract staffing for all your needs.